Layout improvements to the Sheriff panel

So in we’ve made improvements to the Sheriff panel, specifically:

  • “Set default”, “Edit”, and the destructive “Delete” action are now separated from each other
  • extra UI has been removed (buttons, panels) and other de-cluttering to maximize space
  • title‘s have been added for all actions
  • we use Bootstrap tabs for simplicity
  • profile entries are separated by visible white space for readability
  • profile entries are no longer split in half on new lines
  • some improved wording

Here’s the old layout:

And here’s the new layout:

To edit a profile you just click on the name:

To change the default you just click on a radio button:

To delete a profile you just click on the delete icon (the same as Annotations):

Job Exclusions has received similar layout optimization:

The changes are now on stage for testing, and will be coming soon to production.

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