Onscreen keyboard shortcuts

In merged https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder/pull/1005 we will soon have onscreen keyboard shortcuts available via the ‘ ? ‘ key, so users can easily access the list without needing to break their workflow or visit the User Guide.

Specifically users can:

  • Open onscreen shortcuts display by depressing ‘ ? ‘
  • Close onscreen shortcuts via its [x] button
  • Close onscreen shortcuts via ‘ esc ‘, which closes all Treeherder panels
  • Continue to access the same list via the navbar Help > User Guide

Here’s the appearance when onscreen:


This is part of future work to provide inline/onscreen help for all main UI elements in Treeherder, in bug 1141569.

This change is now on master, and will be coming soon to stage and production.


Line highlighting and line linking in logviewer

So in https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder/pull/948 thanks to Gabriel Machado’s (:goma) fine contribution, we will soon have line highlighting and line linking in Logviewer, so users can share portions of logs with each other.

Specifically users can:

  • See the line number for a given line
  • Select an individual line and highlight it
  • Shift-select a range of lines and highlight them
  • Enter a hash and have Logviewer load that line/range
  • Share those URLs with other users via IRC or any other method

Here’s the current Logviewer:


Coming soon to stage and production:


Single line selection:


Range selection:


And selection within a failure line or failure block:


In all cases a selected line or range will be represented with a URL hash, for example #L15 or #L15-L300. The changes are now on master, and will be coming soon to stage and production.

Thank you again to Gabriel for this nice addition!

Layout improvements to the Sheriff panel

So in https://github.com/mozilla/treeherder/pull/933 we’ve made improvements to the Sheriff panel, specifically:

  • “Set default”, “Edit”, and the destructive “Delete” action are now separated from each other
  • extra UI has been removed (buttons, panels) and other de-cluttering to maximize space
  • title‘s have been added for all actions
  • we use Bootstrap tabs for simplicity
  • profile entries are separated by visible white space for readability
  • profile entries are no longer split in half on new lines
  • some improved wording

Here’s the old layout:

And here’s the new layout:

To edit a profile you just click on the name:

To change the default you just click on a radio button:

To delete a profile you just click on the delete icon (the same as Annotations):

Job Exclusions has received similar layout optimization:

The changes are now on stage for testing, and will be coming soon to production.